Ziinlife‘s new 'black label design': with the purpose to create a better world

Furniture / 28 Nov 2019 / Effie Chen

“Can our structured world be any different?” In July 2019, with this interesting question, the original home design brand Ziinlife voice officially released its “black label design” series and launched five black-label new products: Stay With Me Sofa, Stretch Tea Table, Flow Tea Table, 1+1 Folding Bench, 1+1 Pingpong Desk.

The “black label design” aims to be the most forward-looking design of Ziinlife. The design itself innovate in functionality and structure to embody adventurousness and creativeness of Ziinlife.

“The black label design represents the core of our design concept and view of the world, as we always ask ourselves this question when we design something: can our world be any different?” The founder and design director of Ziinlife Hui Zhu said, "we believe that the world is more than what we are used to. We believe furniture has life and can communicate with us. A small change in the design of furniture could change your life greatly"  Therefore, Ziinlife has been innovating the way home furniture should be designed. With decades of industry experience in sophisticated supply chains, Ziinlife is able to finally realise its innovative ideas into real products to re-invent products that users are used to.

Stretch Tea Table

The ideas of new black label designs come from a very detailed and concrete observation of Chinese lifestyles. The design of the Stretch Tea Table is inspired by the needs of the businessmen. The table is made of the horizontal structural design instead of the traditional vertical structural design. The design stabilizes the whole structure and it is composed of different storage space for storing the computers, accessories and snacks. It is beneficial to the businessmen who have to work at home.

The design of the Stay With Me Sofa removes the heavy body structure and stores the back part of the sofa. It shows the natural beauty and it is a functional sofa which allows you to lie down to relax.

Stay With Me Sofa

As a comfortable multi-functional sofa, this sofa is designed to be both sat and lied on, and can be flexibly adjusted according to people's posture. This sofa is unique in its removal of the heavy "body", the backrest and the cushion are no longer split, and the overall shape is extremely delicate. The designer concealed the mechanical structure and cleverly connected the backrest and the armrest with a string. The design is a rare embodiment of both functionality and elegance.

Flow Tea Table makes every tea drinking experience a satisfying one. In the middle of the tabletop hides a long groove that allows water to flow. A tray is hidden underneath the tabletop to contain the water. The design of the Flow Tea Table is totally different from that of a traditional tea table. The tea table hides the water pipe and water tray inside, so that it can be used as a dining table as well.

The structure of Flow Tea Table is a mixture of modern and traditional craftsmanship. The table looks like a static painting from its side, while the delicate angle of its beam creates a sense of motion. This visual movement produces a feeling of imbalance, mimicking flowing water. For Flow Tea Table, ‘flow’ lies in its form as well as function – by combining features together makes drinking tea more convenient and comfortable.

Flow Tea Table

The design of the 1+1 Folding Bench is inspired by the modern bridge concept, 1+1 can be larger than 2. The design of this bench contributes to the possibility of more than two seats. Using this bench for the camp and bedroom are also available.

1+1 Folding Bench

In more than five years since its inception, Ziinlife has reached 1 million followers in e-commerce and has become one of the most popular original home brands in China. In May 2019, the company attended New York Design Week for the second consecutive year. It exhibited a series of innovative product designs at theWanted Design exhibition, which was highly praised and loved by international professional audiences including New York Design Week Chairman Edward Hogikyan.

When Universal Studio’s Minions meet Ziinlife, Pea Pod Sofa is born. Merged with the characteristic thin limbs and big eyes of Minions, Pea Pod Sofa features 3 flipping circle backrests that can be easily adjusted for your comfort. The backrests give the sofa a humorous look; the golden detail on each leg makes the sofa lively, along with the 3 blinking yellow eyes on the backrests, it looks as if the Minions are making faces with you!

Pea Pod Sofa

Yang Xili, the founder and CEO of Ziinlife, said that the company will continue to work hard, as well as create a high-quality design that will communicate with the international community. It is Ziinlife’s mission to allow more Chinese people to enjoy the value of design, as it is its dream to be the furniture brand that the current Chinese kids grow up with.

Image Source: Ziinlife


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