Urbanism & Environment

The Urbanism & Environment sector of China Design Centre aims to support China’s urbanisation and rural regeneration towards a sustainable future.  With a core team of town planners, urban designers and researchers, we are collaborating with the UK, European and local expertise to help achieve holistic social, economic, and environmental benefits. This involves integrating knowledge and practices in the areas of strategic planning, feasibility study, masterplanning and urban design, detailed plan, architecture design, eco and sustainability, smart cities, institutional capacity building and community engagement. 

Research and Conferences

Identifying best international practice and assessing how the experiences and lessons can be learnt and applied

Carrying out bespoke research for public and private sectors, covering planning system comparison, new town development, rural regeneration, healthy town planning, community building, eco-masterplanning, smart cities and economic growth

Organising international conferences/ symposiums for the above research themes

Consultancy Projects
Working with our sister studio in China – Shanghai STP Architecture and Planning, and in collaboration with multi-disciplinary international teams, we have carried out the following consultancy projects:

New town development strategy and feasibility study

Rural regeneration strategy

Sustainable tourism strategy

Masterplanning and urban design

Eco-Masterplanning and resilient city

Smart town framework

Charettes and workshops

Community engagement and governance models

Study Trips

UK study trip to explore garden cities, new towns, market towns and new garden towns

UK study trip to explore sustainable development in urban regeneration and new communities

UK study trip to explore green hospital design and management

European study trip to explore agriculture, smart urbanism, eco communities, senior care, eco-tourism and health wellbeing, and green cities

Nordic country study trip to explore happiness, child-friendly design, learning and education, innovation and smart cities, food clusters, and health & well-being with nature

Implementation Support
To support the application of the plans and strategies, we are facilitating a series of collaborative partnerships between UK and Chinese organisations in the areas of healthcare, senior care, early year education, art and culture, community-building, and smart and green technologies.