Zhong Song: creating the peaceful and balanced lifestyle for modern days

Furniture / 14 Feb 2018 / Shirley Chen

ZHONG Song is an independent artist and a famous designer. After graduating from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture in 1999, he founded ‘Zhongsong Design’, worked in various fields including architecture, interior, public art, landscape design, and products. Zhong Song never limits himself as a conventional designer, although he does design most of the time. He focuses on traditional Chinese culture, aims to rebuild a brand new lifestyle aesthetics that fit the modern China. In 2010, Zhong Song founded ‘Wanwu’ and ‘Tianwu’, lifestyle brands promoting the ‘peaceful and balanced life’.

‘Forgotten Classics’

‘Forgotten Classics’ is an important art event Tianwu involved in. The exhibition is curated by XIA Jifeng and organised by Hive Centre for Contemporary Art. Zhong Song designed the space and environment of the exhibition.

‘Ancient Dreams'

‘Camellia Sinensis: Life in a Plant’ is an  art exhibition of tea life in China, organised by China Academy of Art at the Folk Art Museum.

Zhong Song and Tianwu brand took part in the theme ‘Nine Ways of Tea’, designed a stand devoting to the way of ‘manner’, and named it ‘Ancient Dreams’.

‘Mr.Shan’s Study Room’

‘Mr.Shan’s Study Room’ is presented by Tianwu and No.55 Yard Art Space. Zhong Song curated the exhibition, and invited Mr.LIU Shan, a famous art collector, as a co-curator. Zhong Song based the exhibition on Liu Shan’s personal life, inspired by his new Chinese lifestyle.

Zhong Song / Tianwu
Founder of ‘Zhongsong Design’, ‘Wanwu’ and ‘Tianwu’.

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