Maxmarko by Derek Chen: 'Harmony in diversity'

Furniture / 14 Feb 2018

Derek Chen graduate from the Central Academy of Art and Design, and is now living in Beijing, China. He established his design studio in 2009 and in April 2010, he founded the furniture design brand, Maxmarko.

Chen's design ideology was inspired by the Daoism philosophy: 'harmony in diversity'. It describes that everything is created from the five elements: earth, gold, wood, water and fire. As a successful furniture designer, Derek Chen has awarded as 'the Best Designer of the Year', 'Star Designer of 2010', 'New Designer of the Year'. The 'Snow sofa', 'Mist' and 'Titian' were nominated for the 2012 China Design Award Red Cotton Prize in the Best Living Category. The brand “Maxmarko” was awarded the "Best Original Design Brand" by China Architecture and Interior Design Association.

Maxmarko was originally founded as a research and design centre, a platform for designers to explore and create truly unique and inspired products that showcase the exciting new voice of contemporary Chinese design.

After several years of working with some of the Chinese top contemporary furniture brands, Derek Chen decided it was time to take the next step. The spring of 2010 saw the birth of Maxmarko as an independent brand and the launch of his collection of inspirational and original designs.

Horse Rocking Chair

The inspiration for this design is from the traditional Chinese character of the horse: “馬”. The frame is made of walnut timber with the arms encased in hand-sewn leather accents. The comfortable cushioning uses both high resilience foam and down. There is also a matching footstool available for those who want to put their feet up.

Vertical and Horizontal - Small tea table

The essence of Maxmarko designs emerges from the fundamental principle that design is about discovering the patterns of everyday objects; extracting, combining and redefining these elements to create classic designs that go beyond trends.

Ray Light

'Ray' rhymes with the Chinese character“瑞” which means auspicious. Inspired by a traditional palace lantern, the design reinterprets the structure of the lamp through the use of the black metal frame. It is intricately crafted with walnut timber frame, encased in 4 curved sections of transparent acrylic.

Ray Sofa

Using solid walnut timber construction with coverings available in either leather or fabric, this distinctive design is elegant and practical. The sofa is beautifully crafted with full-width backboard and integrated side tables, to make it superbly balanced, creative and comfortable.

Ray Couch

It is a perfect fusion of couch, table and bed. The gently sliding table is easily positioned where you want it. Upholstered in a unique cracked leather sourced from Bologna in Italy, this design is unique with its solid walnut timber frame with rose-gold plated feet.

E-Single Sofa

From concept to final production, it is all about quality. Maxmarko has had its manufacturing base since 2010. Every step of the process is overseen by highly skilled craftsmen with years' experience and a focus on achieving the highest standards of artistry. It aims to deliver high-quality original designs giving customers years of comfort and enjoyment.

Maxmarko currently has 12 stores around China and is widely recognised as a leading brand showcasing the very best of contemporary Chinese furniture design. Maxmarko has gained recognition winning numerous awards within China and has also been selected to represent the best of Chinese Design at major International Furniture Exhibitions.

Derek Chen / Maxmarko
Founder of MAXMARKO in 2010.

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