Xinting Zhang: Clothing Clay

Art&Craft / 13 Sep 2018 / Xinting Zhang

Xinting Zhang is a mixed-media designer and ceramist. She had tried to use several materials during university life and is currently focusing on ceramics.

Xinting finds that when she is working with clay, it makes her calm down and be patient.

When l open the kilns, l feel excited and anxious, which is a charm of ceramics.” —— Xinting Zhang

Clothing is Xinting Zhang’s starting point. She loves the rich texture and flexibility of apparel. By imprinting clothing’s texture and applying similar colour to ceramic, Xinting wants to let people physically interact the same texture on different media. By selecting different materials’ clothing and interesting patterns, Xinting uses her understanding of clothing’s feeling to create ceramics’ function and shape.


The pot is inspired by a sweater which brings people warmth. The purpose of making the pot is that Xinting wants to link clothing and ceramics not only on the texture but also the function. The main colour is green and yellow that is the same colour as the sweater. What’s more, the mixture of light and dark colour makes the pattern more three dimensional. She used red as a highlight on the lid to make the pot even more interesting.


The vases have three sizes to fit different flowers and the environment. The texture of glaze is between matt and glossy, which can show the details best. The shape of the vases is from Xinting’s personal understanding of specific clothing, which makes flowers less crowded and brings users a lot of fun by creating their own vases.

Image Source: Xinting Zhang

Xinting Zhang / sasadesign
Graduate from Shanghai Maritime University and University of Portsmouth

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