M&O 2018 | Cher Yin: when Celadon meets Memphis

Art&Craft / 24 Aug 2018

Cher Yin graduated from the Central Saint Martins in ceramic design BA. 

Through doing an internship in an auction house last summer, she builds the strong interests in culture and history behind the artwork.

During the ceramic design course, she is continuously questioning how to establish a bridge between different cultures by ceramic design?  Her BA final project tried to answer the question of when Chinese Longquan celadon meets the European design movement Memphis (Memphis x celadon).  After analysis the auction data from 2016-2017, the designer found that the Longquan celadon wares from the South Song dynasty and Memphis ceramics take an essential position in the secondary art market.

Making process

Therefore, merging the Celadon and Memphis style together, to create a series of vases with both ornamental and functional beauty.  The concept of the artwork presents the conflict and coexistence of hybrid styles in the design's work.

Images Source: Cher Yin

Cher Yin

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