HAOSTYLE by Wen Hao: copper furniture and beyond the classic Chinese style

Furniture / 14 Feb 2018 / Shirley Chen

WEN Hao is a well-known designer, academic and curator. He is the founder of HAOSTYLE, a contemporary furniture brand. He is also the Dean of Furniture Studies at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.


Founded by Wen Hao in 2011, HAOSTYLE is devoted to created timeless furniture derived from copper culture. It combines advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship and culture, to redefine the boundaries of Chinese contemporary furniture design and a modern Chinese lifestyle.

1.Cloud and Dragon Chair

Wen Hao, 2011

The 'Cloud and Dragon Chair' is inspired by the cloud and dragon motifs on ancient bronze ware and jade accessories. The shape is redesigned from the classic round-backed armchair. It has the perfect balance between the practicality and ornamental, regional and international, 'creating art from art'.

2.Teacher’s Chair  (Fu Zi)
Wen Hao, 2011

The ‘Teacher’s Chair’ is a modern design inspired by traditional Chinese armchair (Guan-Mao-Yi). The cylinder tubes form the skeleton of the chair. The curve shape on the sides and the resilient steel back create a beautiful shape and make it suitable to use in the study room. It symbolises the spirit of uncorrupted scholars and officials who have nothing but winds under their sleeves.

HAOSTYLE furniture in display

WEN Hao / Haostyle

Founder of HAOSTYLE

Dean of Furniture Studies at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

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