As a unique platform bringing together China and international creative industry, we offer in-depth consultancy services to organise knowledge exchange events and foster collaboration projects. This covers the sectors including urbanism and architecture, arts and crafts and creative design.

We organise and co-organise a series of international conferences in both China and UK, in response to current development issues in China and the impact on the world. The conference is open to professionals and public, covering the topics of urban r...
As a further step to support innovation in China, we carry out research and consultancy work for Chinese clients and government to support their understanding on how to develop sustainable, healthy and smart living environment.
Study trips and training workshops
Study trips and training workshops enable deep learning process and exchange of valuable information. We collaborate with UK/European partners to organise study trips for Chinese town managers, planners, architects and developers to learn from UK/Eur...
Business support
We provide communication and business support for collaboration between UK and China, in the areas like healthcare, early education, eco technology, design, art and craft.
We have 5 years of experience in curating diverse cultural events and design exhibitions in the UK and China. Recently we have expanded our curating events to Europe and the United States.
Utilise our extensive network of designers, artists and craftsmen to bespoke designs for your company. Popular projects include bespoke gifts, product design, interior, handmade commissions.